Kyo Sohma
Sohma kyo
Kyo Sohma in the anime


草摩 夾 (Sohma Kyo), Kyo Sohma




16 (in the anime) 16-18 (in the manga)

Zodiac Spirit:


Kyo Sohma is one of the main characters in the anime/manga, Fruits Basket. He is one of the possessed members of the Sohma Family. He turns into a cat whenever he is hugged by a member of the opposite sex or when he is under a great deal of stress. As part of his curse, Kyo also turns into a hideous moster whenever his Juzu beads bracelet is taken off. Kyo is usually short-tempered, impulsive and rude, but that is just one side of him. He does not like to show his true side to anyone and protects people he truly cares for deeply.


Kyo's mom committed suicide, because she gave birth to a "monster", by walking in front of a train, when he was six. Everyone including his father, blamed him for his mother's death and abandoned him. When he went to school, like many of the Sohma's, was picked on for the colour of his hair. He would chase after them threatening to kill them, that's when his temper started. Since he can turn into a monster, because of the juunishi curse, he wears a juzu braclet, made out of a priest and a warrior, so they are a powerful charm.

He made a bet with Akito Sohma that he could beat Yuki before they graduate, if he doesn't beat him, he will be locked in the "cats room" for the rest of his life.

Personality and RoleEdit

Kyo's mother, in despair over having her son born a "monster," committed suicide by walking in front of an oncoming train (Chapter 119) when he was a young child of possibly four to six years old. His father abandoned him as well, blaming Kyo for his mother's death. People have criticized Kyo throughout his life for his differences, too frightened or never bothering to glance beyond the label of "The Cat" and regard Kyo as a true person. Like most of the Sohmas, throughout his school years, he begins to get picked on for the color of his hair but he would chase them around, threatening to kill them, which was around the time his temper began.

Because of the Juunishi curse, Kyo must always wear a Juxu Head bracelet. These beads were made from the bones of a priest and warrior, and so they are a powerful protective charm. The beads themselves are alternately pale and either red (in the manga) or dark purple (in the anime), with the dark ones supposedly stained by blood. Whenever these beads are taken off his wrist, Kyo transforms into the cat's "true form", which is a beast that resembles a mutated rabbit-like form, which has a horribly foul stench that even caused Tohru to throw up. This form is a result of the Juunishi curse, and only the cat transforms into this form. The Juzu beads are handed down to the current cat of the Zodiac from the previous cat, and must always be worn. In episode 26 (or chapter 32-33 of the series) Kazuma Sohma takes the beads off Kyo's wrist and he turns into the cat's true form. He does this purposely in front of Tohru Honda, trying to test what Tohru truly feels for Kyo. Tohru ends up falling in love with him.

Early in the manga it is established that of all the Sohmas suffering from the Zodiac curse it is Kyo, as the cat, who is generally the most reviled (although he is frequently viewed with pity or sometimes even uneasy acceptance rather than outright hatred, and it is implied that Kyo may be hated by certain members of the Sohma clan more than others - Akito seems to despise Kyo more than any other of the zodiac). In chapter 108 of the manga, Shigure tells Tohru that the members of the Zodiac are "monsters...disgusting creatures," and that "the existence of the cat is our salvation...He's a monster even uglier than we are, inferior to everything." He adds that the cat has an obligation to accept the fact that he will be isolated from society (essentially imprisoned for the remainder of his life), "discriminated against and looked down upon," because seeing this allows the other members of the Zodiac to feel better about themselves, at least better off than the cat. He often hurts Momiji's feelings.

He also made a bet with Akito that he will beat Yuki before they graduate. But if Kyo doesn't beat Yuki before they graduate, Kyo will be locked in the Cat's Room for the rest of his life; if he does, then he will be accepted as a full member of the zodiac.

The CatEdit

Filled with sorrow, it was tricked by the rat into not coming, making him an outcast begining the vegeful cat spirit a monster


Tohru HondaEdit

At the beginning Kyo didn't really like Tohru. But through out the series she begins to grow on him. Near the end of the series he confesses that he loves her. In the end Kyo and Tohru spend the rest of their lives together and have a daughter who also has a daughter of her own.

During the series, he gets a little protective of Tohru. Like, hitting "black" Haru everytime he flirts with Tohru.

Kagura SohmaEdit

Kyo's relationship with Kagura could be better. When the two were younger they played together a lot, Kagura leading Kyo around. As they got older Kagura's love for Kyo stayed, but he began to get annoyed with her more. In the manga, Kagura begs Kyo to go on a date with her, and then she'd leave alone. When they went out, Kagura said the only reason that started her entire loved for Kyo was because she pitted him for having nobody on his side and she wanted to keep him from being lonely

Yuki SohmaEdit

Yuki and Kyo have been enemies for years, with the origin of their hatred stemming from the zodiac fable; the rat tricking the cat; thus the two were "born hating each other". As they grew, so did their hatred, with much of it stemming from their jealousy of one another. Kyo was jealous of Yuki's superior martial arts capability, his intelligence and many of his attributes that cause him to be well-liked and admired by many. Ironically, Yuki is jealous of Kyo also. He envies his ability to open up around others, he wishes he could be free from the bonds of the Soma house as Kyo is and would rather be an "outcast" like him, than a prisoner. Neither are aware of the others opinion of one another.

Hatsuharu "Haru" SohmaEdit

Kyo considers Haru ( and Momiji ) to be stupid and annoying. He give him a "noggie" everytime Haru does something dumb.


Young Kyo Kazuma

Kazuma Sohma

Kazuma Sohma is a martial arts master that has taught many of the Sohma children including Kyo, Yuki, Hatsuharu and Kagura. Kazuma's grandfather was burdened with the curse of the cat, a "pariah", neglected by his own family. By chance, Kazuma met his grandfather and refused his kindness, pushing him away, this was the first and last time they met. Shortly after his grandfather died and the curse was passed down to Kyo. Kazuma was able to witness firsthand the strife that his grandfather experienced as a cursed child of the cat and felt a great pity for Kyo. His guilt at rejecting his grandfather and empathy for Kyo's adversity in life led him to embracing Kyo as one of his own. Soon enough, they had built a strong father-son bond as Kazuma lived with, raised and trained Kyo for much of his life. Kyo gave Kazuma the nickname "Master" as a child, which all Sohma trainees call him by. Kazuma is not a member of the Zodiac, but is very close to the family and Akito.


Kyoko HondaEdit

Kyo met Kyoko before she died and got to know her very well. She would tell him about
Tohru but he didn't meet her at the time.He visited her grave with Tohru and Yuki once.(this happens in both the manga and the anime) Also, in the manga, Kyo blames himself for Kyoko's death by telling Tohru that he could've saved her by pulling her out of the incoming car, but he refrained himself because of how he would instantly transform into a cat. He noted that when she recognized him, the last words Kyoko spoke were " I won't forgive you". ( She says this because of how he promised to protect her when he was a kid--this leads to him being scared of loving Tohru)


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