Machi Kuragi


Machi is a girl that has a dull and unsocial life. She is the step sister of Kakeru, but their mothers have been fighting for her own child to be the heir of the family. Machi's mother would always force her to be perfect; one hundred percent on all tests, best behavior, and so on. After a while, Machi's mother has another son, and both wives decide that he would be the heir of the family. Kakeru become normal again, while Machi is still lost in the past. One day, she sees her younger brother sleeping in his crib. She thinks he is cold, and drapes a blanket over him. However, her mother comes in and decides that Machi was trying to kill her younger brother. Machi is then banned from the house. She is the treasurer of the Kawia High School Student Council, and she becomes Yuki Sohma's girlfriend. After that, Machi's life starts to lighten up. Machi hates perfection because she was force to be, and whenever she sees a neat box of chalk, she has to ruin it. When she sees a neatly organized desk or bookshelf, she destroys it. One day, Yuki hears some rumors that Machi tried to kill her younger brother, and Kakeru takes Yuki to go visit Machi. She confesses the story to Yuki, and they nearly kiss. However, Kakeru's phone rings and it is interrupted. Everyone thinks Yuki Sohma is prince-like, but Machi just thinks he is any other normal boy. When Yuki hears that, he is surprised, and he thinks he is destinied to be with her.


Yuki and Machi

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