Momiji is the rabbit in the Zodiac. He is also half Japanese and half German. He has dirty blonde hair and has a very odd, girlish fashion sense. Also, his father owns the building that Tohru Honda works at. Hatori Sohma usually takes care of him when his father is busy.

Early LifeEdit

Momiji was rejected by his mother when he was born, so her memory had to be erased. He also is not allowed to go near his mother or his cute sister, Momo.


Momiji's personality is very cheerful and happy all the time. He is even more happy when Tohru is around, as they are very close friends. Like most of the Sohma family, he keeps his true feelings locked away.

Momiji Sohma
Name:Momiji Sohma

Anime Age: 15

Manga Age: 15-17

Weight: 97 pounds

Height: 4' 11"

Zodiac Spirit: Rabbit

Gender: Male